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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Creative events agency - Chocolate Events was inviting us to participate in the new dog’s toys presentation. Party was in Reval Hotel Latvia. We was selecting Benfatto Adzelina Dzoly for this promotion presentation. Joe have nice character and she had had coped with this job perfectly. Joe was getting a lot applause and presents from sponsors for her work. I thank Joe owners, that they had time and opportunity to show their female.


Six our puppies from the last litter were participating in the dog’s toys promotional video recording. Thirty seconds video was recording more than two hours. Puppies look like so funny, but they tired very quickly. Puppies fall asleep on the recording time. This promotion video you can see in the all shops – Narvesen from the 30th of November.

© 2009 Agency "Tritone Studio"


International dog show “ZOOEXPO 2009” in Riga, Latvia. Judge: Johannes Boelaars, Netherlands.

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto – champion class, excel.


International Cruft’s qualification dogs show in Riga, Latvia. Judge: Salvatore Tripoli, Italy.

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto – champion class 1 excel., Best female 1, CQ, CACIB, BOB, BIG 1! 

© Milbu foto

Torry was getting hers tenth CACIB and qualification for CRUFTS Show 2010! 

Our heartfelt gratitude to Mr. Salvatore Tripoli for the brilliant emotions, whose we were got together with this win!


In our kennel from Benfatto Bambina Dolce and Agent Double-o-seven Vitalight was born 11 puppies, 4 males and 7 females!


Jubilee in our kennel – Litter “V” is 5 years old!

Congratulations all the owners and their wonderful pets, happy anniversary! 


Dalmatian Ьub Show 2009 in Bratislava, Slovakia, were 100 participants. Judge: Tamás Jakkel, Hungary.

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto - got excellent in the champion class, 5th place!


International dog Show “World Winner 2009” in Bratislava, Slovakia. In the show were 155 participants: 74 dogs and 81 females. Judges: Oleg Fintora from Slovakia - males, females, BOB and Kari Järvinen from Finland - puppies, veterans, juniors.

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto - champion class excellent. In the class were 23 females.


It’s our Bambina in 6-th week of pregnancy. Pretty!


News from Finland: Dogs show of 6 group FCI in Hyvinkää. Judge: Tina Shulce, Latvia.

Benfatto Bruna Ferrari got excellent in the open class and she became class winner!

Congratulation for Raili! Well done!


Today in our country was commemorates Memorial Pet’s Day.

Traditionally, in this day owners come in the pet cemetery. Of course we were coming to our lovely Paloma. Paloma, we will remember you forever. You will live in our hearts!



Today in the Tallinn Torry’s husband Jilloc´s Sugardaddy got title BALTIC WINNER '09! 

Congratulate our friends – Florence and Rune. We wait edgily for next our meeting.

18 – 22.08.2009

JLV CH, LV, LT, EST, BALT CH, Latvian Winner’ 09, Estonian Winner ‘09 Benfatto Bambina Dolce was mated with JLV, JEST, JLT, JBALT, LV, LT CH Agent Double-o-seven Vitalight. Puppies will hopefully be born approximately 23th of Oktober 2009. 

Preliminary signup for the puppies is open. More information here...


National all breeds dog Show, Rezekne, Latvia. Judge: Ekaterina Senashenko, Russia.

Primo Angelo Benedetto – vet. class 1 excel., Best male 1, BOB, BIG 2, VET CAC , VET BOB, VET BIS 2!


Today we were making a trip to Lithuania in the veterinary clinic - "Jakovo veterinarijos centras". Our young female Benfatto Bambina Dolce and Agent Double-o-seven Vitalight - her husband-to-be were necessarily made expert examination of hip and elbow dysplasia. Bambina and Bondy’s X-ray photographs were showing excellent results: @/00! They have absolutely healthy hips and elbows!

     We are thanks for veterinary doctor - Jakov Shengaut, who is one of the best specialists for x-ray's reading according to FCI standards. We are grateful for You and your colleagues for compleat professionalism and hearty welcome. We are very glad for results!

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International all breeds dog Show in Warsaw, Poland. Judge: Luis Pinto Teixeira, Portugal.

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto - champion class 1 excel., Best female 1, CWC/CAC certificate, CACIB.

Torry have got the third Polish CAC and she have close Polish Champion. 

Now Torry is eight countries Champion! Horray! Torry, we love you, you are amazing dog! 
We thank Mr. Luis Pinto Teixeira for perfect mark, our dog has excellent Critique!


National Show in Hyvinkää, Finland. Judge: Riitta Lahtovaara, Finland.

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto - open class 1 excel., Best female 1, SERT, CAC, BOB, BIG 2!

We have great pleasure! In our kennel, the first Champion of Finland! This Sunday, under judging Riitta Lahtovaara our Torry became Finnish Champion. This is the second dalmatian in Latvia who have got Finnish Champion. We are so happy!

13. - 14.06.2009
In these weekends were two International Dog Shows in Riga. Bambina was showing in the champion class and in the both Shows got excellent mark with CQ, but she didn’t become to prizewinner. Our veteran - Primo Angelo Benedetto, son Saulites Nikol first time was showing in the veteran class, under Andrzej Mania, from Poland got VET CAC and BOB VET! Ludmila, thank you very much that Primo looks like very nice and has show condition. I agree your decision showed him in the veteran class! This time we were showing not very well, how we wanted, but we were seeing a lot of friends and kith! Girl from Estonian Blanco Solar kennel stay with us, and Bambina’s owner Santa too. We together perfect execute evening, it was very positive weekends!
Fabian & RuneBambina & Karina

Also, it was very nice to tell with Lovinda's Fabian’s owners from Norway. We are really happy that Fabian became to Latvian champion! Anna and Rune gets our hearties congratulations!


Today P- Litter’s birthday, they are 8 years old! Time was scud very fast…dogs from my breeding became to veteran. It is most titled litter, whose I really proud. Dear owners, thank you very much for heartiest love to yours pets and birthday’s congratulations: INT & MULTI CH Poker, INT & MULTI CH Paco, MULTI CH Primo, CH Piccolo! Unfortunately, we haven’t with us their sister - INT & MULTI CH Paloma, but she gave for her posterity all most better quality.
Such Paloma was coming in our life.
It’s one from last Paloma’s photos.

We still remember and love her!

Heartiest congratulations for new champions – Jilloc´s Sugardaddy (Torry’s husband) and Jilloc's Splendid Choicewith great victories and getting Swedish and Norwegian titles! Dear Florence, thanks for photo. 


International Dog Show "Winner 2009" in Tallinn. Judge: John Wauben, The Netherlands. 

Benfatto Bambina Dolce- champion class 1 excel., CAC, best female -1, CACIB, BOB, Estonian WINNER’09, BIG-IV!!! 

Bambina got qualifying for the CRUFTS Show 2010!

Now Bambina is a Estonia Champion and Baltic Champions. We are all very proud of her!


Speciality show for Latvian Dalmatian and Hound Breed Club in Riga. 72 participants. Judge: Rui Oliveira, Portugal.

Benfatto Bambina Dolce - open class 1 excel., CQ, with CAC 

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto - champion class 1 excel., Best female 1, CQ, BOB, BIS-II.

Photo: Tanya with Torry &  Mr. Oliveira

For showing in the Dog Show from our kennel were two females – Torry and Bambina. Of results from Dog Show Bambina got CAC became Latvian Champion and close Lithuanian Champion. Torry won Best of Breed and on the Best in Show Torry became BIS-II of Special Dog Show of 6 group FCI. Torry look likes excellent, and competitor - bloodhound, was very great. Maybe next time we will be luckier…

We are very happy and thankful for Mr. Oliveira.

Karolina and her husband Ruslan - our's Benfatto Adzelina Dzoly owners, with Joe they was visited professional photostudio. They kindly allow for us some pictures for our home page. Thank you for this nice photos!

Photos by Aina Nokelainen

In this weekend we doing that, for what we were striving and about what we were dreaming during 2 last years. Our Torry was coming Jilloc's Sugardaddy’s bride. We are doing long way on the ferry, then some hours by car and 20th of March we were arriving in Sweden kennel Jilloc´s & Timanka. We were very happy for this meeting! 


Time of Love.

Torry doesn’t want make mating in the kennel, her confuse other dogs and we are going in the yard. Torry was mated by Daddy and we were so much happy! When dogs were relaxing, our lovely masters, Florence and Rune invite us for the dinner. We were celebrate this with bottle of champagne. Thanks a lot Florence and Rune for hearty reception and hospitality!

Now we must only wait Ultrasound’s results.


International Show in Riga "LATVIAN WINNER’09". Judge: Per IVERSEN Norway.

Benfatto Bambina Dolce – open class, 1 / 1, CQ, best female -1, CACIB, BOO, LATVIAN WINNER’09!!! 

Photo by Jelena Kruus

Wonderful result! We are all very proud of her! Congratulations to the owners Inara and Santa!


LITTER-B is 2 years old! 

Congratulations all to the owners!


International Show in Vilnius, Lithuania “LITHUANIAN WINNER 2009”. Judge: Lilliane De Ridder-Onghena, Belgium.
Benfatto Bambina Dolce - open class 1 excel., Best female 2, RCACIB (CACIB).


Torry's season was started 9 March. She will be missed her friends...

Photo by Marina Romanyuk

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