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What a fantastic weekend! We are so happy!


Speciality show of VI group FCI in Riga, Latvia. Judge: Nicola Imbimbo, Italy.

Benfatto Diamante Del Cello - very promising, PP, BOB puppy, BIS puppy!

Good start to her show career!


International Dog show " Christmas Cup-2011", Vilnius, Lithuania. Judge: Aleksandr Burykin, Russia.

Benfatto Dolce Cioccolato - very promising, BOB puppy! (Owners doesn't stayed for the BIS)

Photo by Sakharova Natalya 


International Dog show " Vilnius Winter-2011", Lithuania. Judge: Stefan Stefik, Slovakia.

Benfatto Dolce Cioccolato - very promising, BOB puppy!

Congratulations to the owners! We are very proud of ours little girls and their first steps at the dog show!



In Tallinn, Estonia were small competition between puppies of different breeds. In this show took part 9 puppies (3 dalmatian puppies and 7 dogs of other breeds).

 Benfatto Dolce Cioccolato (Ziva) daughter of Bambina and Sunny won second place in the competition! What a clever girl! Thanks to her owners and Moonika Kivisild.
Well done!


Christmas show for puppies and veterans, Tallinn, Estonia. Judge: Kalvo Kriisk, Estonia.

 Benfatto Dolce Cioccolato (Ziva) - VP 1 and Best Baby of breed!

Congratulations for Little Winner, to her owners and handlers Gerli and Kairi Janson who shows her so well!

In September three our puppies from Benfatto D-litter visited photostudio. We were invited at photosession for "Amber dog" magazine. Pose as a models two females: Demi (Benfatto Diadema Dóro) and Delli (Benfatto Diamante Del Cello) and one male Tinto (Benfatto Destino Felice). It was a great job for our puppies.

Thanks for "Amber dog's" team for this wonderful oportunity. Art gallery you can see

© 2011 magazine of the dogs "Amber Dog"

We still have two available puppies from our D-litter
: 1 liver males and 1 liver spotted female.

On the photo Benfatto Dalmata Perfetto 

More info about this litter you can find here...


National Dog Show in Narva, Estonia. Judge S.Slukin, Ukraine.

Benfatto Dolce Cioccolato (Ziva) - VP 1 and Best Baby of breed!

Well done Ziva! Our heartiest congratulations to Jelena Kruus and sisters Janson. We all are very proud of her.


Hurray! All of
Pitt's puppies are bilateral hearing!

Our sincerest congratulations to breeder Miloslava Kelnarová! More about this litter you can know in kennel Dalmabeauty.



International Dog Show "Zooekspo 2011" in Riga, Latvia. Judges: Barbara Müller from Switzerland (group judge) and Juan Naveda Carrero from Spain (breed judge).

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto - champion class 1 excel., Best female 1, CACIB, BOB and BIG 2!

We are very grateful to Barbara Müller and Juan Naveda Carrero!



We were invited at the TV project for commercial video. It was advertisment of Dog's Treadmills.

It was incredibly easy to teach our Torry to use a treadmill. After a few training sessions on the moving platform Torry showed us very good movement. All this while Torry joyfully wagged tail. Last month this video showed on channel LNT.



Three our litters are celebrating their birthday in October!

This is V- litter which was born October 15, 2004; A- litter which was born October 30, 2005, and C- litter which was born October 19, 2009. Happy birthday for Benfatto dogs! Heartiest congratulations to owners! Love you all!



 Today one more male from D-litter had a hearing test. Benfatto Destino Felice is bilateral hearing (BAER++). We're very glad! Thanks Jelena Kruus for helping in the clinic. This puppy is reserved for the buyer from Russia. In the end of October he going to Moscow.


Our Pitt (Primo Angelo Benedetto) became a father. In kennel DALMABEAUTY were born 8 puppies - 5 males and 3 females in Czech Republic.
Congratulations to Miloslava Kelnarová! Big hugs for the puppies. Enjoy them.


New Champion in our kennel!

National Dog Show in Valmiera, Latvia.
Judge: Lokodi Csaba Szolt, Romania.

 Benfatto Celeste Bimba - intermedia class 1 excel., CQ, CAC, Best female, BOB! I didn't stay for the final competition.

At this show Bimba got her third CAC and become a Latvian Champion! My congratulations to the owners!



Today we went to Tallinn for the hearing test. It was very long trip, we are so happy, but so tired. In our journey were three females from D-litter.

BAER ++ for each puppy. We're very glad with these results!


D-litter is two month old! With all my heart I wish them a luck! This weekend two puppies were meeting with their new owners. Male - Benfatto Dono Del Destino and female - Benfatto Domenica Del Sole joined their new families in Lithuania. From this litter female with red ribbon going to stay in our kennel. Now her name is Diamante Del Cello, for us Delli.


Today we had official control of our D-litter from the Latvian Club of Dalmatians. Breed's supervisors liked puppies very much and at their reports are a lot of nice reviews. We are very happy with these results! Now all puppies are registered, checked by the vet and microchipped. Puppies got their names and next week they can move to the new homes.


National all breeds dog Show in Rezekne, Latvia.
Ring judge - Sanja Momcilivic, Serbia and group judge - Valeria Bobikova, Russia.

Primo Angelo Benedetto – vet. class 1 excel., Best male 1, BOB, VET BOB, VET BIS 5 and BIG 1!

Congratulations to our handsome "Pitt" and his owner Ludmila Borovika who loves and shows him so well! Well done Ludmila and Pitt.


The bride from Czech Republic came to visit Pitt (Primo Angelo Benedetto) in the afternoon. Miloslava Kelnarová and her husband brought June Serendipity Royal Hermelin for mating in Latvia. This afternoon and next day too June successful was mated to our Pitt. Everything went very well and we hope that puppies will arrive at the beginning of october in Prague.



National dog show "RetoTrophy 2011" in Jaunmarupe, Latvia. Judge: Johan Hiddes, Netherlands.

Benfatto Caro Mio - intermedia class 1 excel., CQ, CAC, Best male 3.
Benfatto Crema Bel Mondo - intermedia class - v.g.

Speciality show of VI group FCI in Jaunmarupe, Latvia. Judge: Zeev Trainin, Israel.

Benfatto Caro Mio - intermedia class 1 excel., CQ, Best male 3.
Benfatto Crema Bel Mondo - intermedia class 1 excel., CQ, CAC, Best female 1, BOO!

What a great weekend! My congratulations to owners and many thanks to the judges!


National Dog Show in Ogre, Latvia. Judge: Hassi Assenmacher- Feyel, Germany.

 Benfatto Crema Bel Mondo - Intermedia class 1 excel., CQ, CAC, Best female 3.

At this show Bella got her first CAC!
My sincerest congratulations to her owner Ludmila!


Sunny (Toot`s Fields Of Gold) is a father of our D-litter he got the official results hips A/A and elbows 0/0.

Lena, thanks for this info and congratulate you on excellent results! Compliments to the Sunny's breeders! We are so happy! It's a wonderful present on the puppies birth!



Benfatto Bambina Dolce - 57 days of pregnancy.

Some days waiting before puppies arrival. Preliminary sign up for the puppies is open.

More information here.


International Dog Show "Estonian Winner 2011" in Tallinn. Judge: Bertil Lundgred, Sweden.

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto - champion class 1 excel., Best female 2, RCACIB.

Photo by Gerli Janson


Today is 37 day after Bambina's (Benfatto Bambina Dolce) & Sunny's (Toot`s Fields Of Gold) mating. This time we didn't used ultrasound, but we see signs of pregnancy. We are very glad! We have all reason to wait puppies in the middle of Juny.  


25th Anniversary Dog Show in Ventspils, Latvia. Judge: Kamen Litov, Bulgaria.

 Benfatto Caro Mio - Intermediate class excel., CQ, CAC and best male 3.

Congratulations to his owners Aigars and Liva!

For Caro, it was the first dog show and he got his first CAC! Well done!


National Dog Show in Jonava, Lithuania. Judge: Jef Verrees, Belgium.

Benfatto Crema Bel Mondo - open class 1 excel., CAC, N, Best female 1, BOB!

My most heartfelt congratulations to Ludmila! Great job!


Benfatto Caro Mio and his owner - Liva visited the Rietumu Radio. On air was topic "Put out your paw!". They were given an interview.

Photo: Edgars Pohevičs © 2011, www.edgarsfoto.lv

Liva was told about Dalmatian breed and about Caro's caring. Caro was feeling hisself in the studio very comfortable. You can listen an interview in Latvian language, here.


We have reason to celebrate!

Now Saulites Nikol are 14 years old!

My dear enjoy life to the full!

Many happy returns of the day!



National Dog Show in Panevezys, Lithuania. Judge: Živilė Povilaitienė, Lithuania.

Benfatto Cielo Stellato - jun. class 1 excel., JCAC, Best junior, Best female, BOB and BIG2!


Photo by Notya Rens

Stella also became a Lithuanian Junior Champion! Congratulations to owner Aušra Janonyte! We are so proud of you both!


 Great news from Estonia!

Our Bambina (Benfatto Bambina Dolce) successfully was mated by Sunny (Toot`s Fields Of Gold)! We are waiting puppies in the middle of June. Special thanks for Jelena Kruus, who made it posible!

Preliminary signup for the puppies is open. More information here...


Speciality show for Latvian Dalmatian and Hound Breed Club in Riga. Judge: Elena Tripoli from Russia.

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto - champion class 1 excel., Best female 1, BOO!

Thanks to the organizers of the show, it was a nice day!


Benfatto B-litter of our Paloma Bianca Benedetto and Alphadirato Future Brand are 4 years old now! Best wishes to the owners and many hugs to yours dogs!


International Dog Show "Lithaunian Winner 2011", Vilnius, Lithuania. Judge: Denis Kuzelj, Bulgaria.

Benfatto Bambina Dolce - champion class 2 excel.
Benfatto Cielo Stellato - jun. class v.g.


National Dog Show in Šiauliai, Lithuania. Judge: Magdalena Šwieton, Ewa Marcinkowska, Poland.

 Benfatto Cielo Stellato - jun. class 1 excel., JCAC, N, Best junior, Best female 1, BOB, BIG2!

Aušra and Edgaras, congratulations on your great results at the dog show! So pleased for you!

Photo by Austėja Daunaravičiūtė


International Dog Show "LATVIAN WINNER 2011" in Riga. Judge: Paul JENTGEN, Luxembourg.

Benfatto Bambina Dolce  - champion class 1 excel., Best female 1, CQ, CACIB, BOO, LATVIAN WINNER 2011!
Benfatto Celeste Bimba - jun. class excel., Best jun. female 2, PP.


Huge congratulations!


National Dog Show in Panevezys, Lithuania. Judge: Z.Povilaitiene.

Benfatto Cielo Stellato - open class 2excel, best female 2.

Photo by Jansen sisters



National all breeds Dog Show, Valmiera, Latvija. Judge: Marko Lepasaar, Estonia.

Benfatto Celeste Bimba - jun. class 1 excel., Best jun. female, PP, JCAC, Best female 2.

Bimba got her third JCAC and become a Latvian Junior Champion! Congratulations to the owners!


National all breeds Dog Show "Latgale 2011" in Daugavpils, Latvia. Judges: Nikolay Sedyh, Russia and best veteran Soile Bister, Finland.

Primo Angelo Benedetto - vet. class 1 excel., Best male 2, BOB VET, BIS VET 1!
Benfatto Crema bel Mondo - jun. class excel. 

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