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  Link   Latvian Dalmatian and Hound Breed Club
Latvian Dalmatian and Hound Breed Club was founded in 1997. The objectives of the Club are selective breeding of its registered breeds, organizing shows and providing information and education on the three breeds.
  Link   eurobreeder.com
Dog Breeders and Kennels in Europe - eurobreeder.com
  Link   LKF /Latvian Cynological Federation/
LKF represents cynology of Latvia in FCI. It became the federate member of FCI in 2005.
  Link   European Cooperation of Dalmatian Clubs
The name ‘European Co-operation of Dalmatian Clubs’ (ECDC) has been changed to WORLD ASSOCIATION FOR DALMATIANS (WAFDAL)
  Link   Flora & Fauna
The thematic catalogue of links "Flora and Fauna"
  Link   Dogterminal
Dogterminal is a serious information analytical resource. Dogterminal has a very flexible structure allowing for easy access to all of the necessary information about the specific dog as well as any kennel, which in turn allows to review any breeding
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