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  Link   Dalmatian kennel "iz Terletskoy Dubravy"
Dalmatian kennel from Moscow, Russia
  Link   Kennel "S Nevskih Ostrovov"
Dalmatian kennel from Saint Petersburg, Russia
  Link   kennel Denola
New dalmatian kennel from Estonia.
  Link   Team Jilloc´s & Timanka
Dalmatian Kennel from Sweden
  Link   Kennel Lovinda
Dalmatian Kennel from Norway
  Link   Aboensis dalmatians
Kennel Aboensis is a homebred hobby kennel that has puppies occasionally from carefully selected parents.
  Link   Absolute love
Dalmatian dog kennel from Kiev, Ukraine.
  Link   Alphadirato Kennel
Member of Estonian Dalmatian Club and their breeding committee, Estonian Kennel Union, Finnish, Swedish Dalmatian Club and Belgian Dalmatian Club.
  Link   Dalmatians kennel GLORIANDUS & OSENNYA SKAZKA
Dalmatians kennel GLORIANDUS & OSENNYA SKAZKA. Russia, Vladivostok.
  Link   Kennel Exlibris Canes
Member of Managing Committee of the judges of Estonian Kennel Union, One of the founders of Estonian Dalmatian Club, The chairperson of Estonian Dalmatian Club from 1997 to 2000, Member of Estonian, Finnish, Croatian and Belgian Dalmatian Club.
  Link   Dalmatian Kennel "Flower of Apsny"
Dalmatian kennel from Russia, Ekaterinburg. Owners: Olga Saksina and Elena Nikolskaya.
  Link   Kennel Redcliffe´s Dalmatians
Dalmatians Kennel from Sweden
  Link   Kennel Rocca-al-Mare
Dalmatians in Sweden
  Link   Kennel Fairytale Spot's
Dalmatians Kennel from Sweden.
  Link   Dalmatiner vom versunkenen Schloß
Renate Holzmann "vom versunkenen Schloß" - FCI Kennel
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