News 2010


Speciality show for Latvian Dalmatian and Hound Breed Club in Riga. Judge: Aleksandras Kulesha, Lithuania.

Benfatto Celeste Bimba - jun. class 1 excel., Best jun. female, PP, JCAC, Best female, BOO

We got beautiful photo from Jurate Butkiene. I have pleasant associations with this show. It was a cheerful day in Finland. Our Vittoria La Grande Benfatto got CAC,BOB, BIG2 and became Finnish Champion under judge Riitta Lahtovaara.
Thanks Jurate! You take a great action photo!


International dog Show “BALTIC WINNER ’10”, Riga, Latvia. Judge: Jo Schepers, Netherlands.

Benfatto Cielo Stellato - jun. class 2 excel.
Benfatto Celeste Bimba - jun. class v.g.
Benfatto Crema Bel Mondo - jun. class v.g.
Benfatto Bambina Dolce - champion class 3 excel.

On Baltic Winner 2010 were entered only 26 dals. But I was glad to see all this beautiful dogs and our friends from Estonia, Finland, Russia, Lithuania and Latvia. We spent our time wonderfully. Heartiest congratulations for winners!
This year we decided to shown young females on Breeder's group competition. In the competition were entered 22 kennels. Unfortunatelly, our kennel doesn't got any placement under judging Ramune Kazlauskaite. Our dogs were showing by two young handlers and I was very pleased with the presentation. Aušra and Nastya Welcome to the Benfatto team! Great thanks to Tatyana, Aušra and Nastya.


We have Jubilee!

Benfatto A-litter of our Paloma Bianca Benedetto and Rocca Al Mare Adirato are 5 years old!
In this litter were born 9 puppies including JLV CH, LV CH Benfatto Adzelina Dzoly.

Best wishes to the owners and many hugs to your dogs!


Benfatto C-litter from combination our Benfatto Bambina Dolce and Agent Double-O-Seven Vitalight are 1 years old!

Happy Birthday to the all owners and your wonderful pets!
Three girls from C-litter became a wonderful young ladys. 


Benfatto V-litter of our Paloma Bianca Benedetto and Alphadirato Corner Stone are 6 years old now!

In this litter INT CH, JLV CH, LV, EST, LT, BALT, FIN, RUS, BLR, PL, CZ CH, BALTIC WINNER 2008, LATVIAN WINNER 2010 Vittoria La Grande Benfatto and LV, LT, EST, BALT CH Viola Noturna Benfatto has birth. Heartiest congratulations to owners!

National Show in Limbazi, Latvia. Judge: Nenad Davidovich, Serbia. 

Benfatto Celeste Bimba - jun. class 1/1, PP, JCAC, Best female 3

National all breeds dog Show, Panevezys, Lithuania. Judge: Nadezhda Melnikova, Belarus.
Benfatto Cielo Stellato - jun. class excel., JCAC, N, Best junior, Best female 1, BOB, BIG5!
What a day! Congratulations to owners!


International dog Show in Pskov, Russia. Judge: Vjacheslav Verbickij, Belorussia. 

Benfatto Bambina Dolce - open class 1 excel., Best female 2, CAC, R.CACIB!
Bambina become a Russian Champion and a Champion of the 5th Countries! Congratulation to the owners!

Now Benfatto Crema Bel Mondo lives in the great family. She had new name – Bella. Our Primo‘s Angelo Benedetto owner – Ludmila, decided to take the second Dalmatian. Bella was quickly adapted in her new house and make a friend – Pitt. She forges friendship with Pitt and they together came on Rezekne’s Dog Show.


National all breeds dog Show, Rezekne, Latvia. Judge: Elvira Romonenko, Russia. 

Primo Angelo Benedetto - vet. class, 1 excel., Best male 1, BOB, BIG 2, VET BOB, VET BIS 1!
Benfatto Crema Bel Mondo
 - jun. class 1 excel.

Well done! I’m so gladful your results!


National All-Breeds Dog Show "Kluba kauss 2010" Marupe, Latvia. Judge: Małgorzata Supronowicz, Poland. 

Benfatto Bambina Dolce - champion class excel.,CQ, Best female 2
Benfatto Celeste Bimba - jun. class v.g.

Photo: Bambina

Photo: Bimba, 9 month old

It was first dog show for sweety - Bimba. She was a little nervous and can't showed her moves. We are thankful for Judges for the excellent critique. Of course Bimba needs more studing with handlers. We will be working on it!

Speciality show for Latvian Dalmatian and Hound Breed Club in Marupe, Latvia. Judge:Tomazs Borkowski, Poland.

Benfatto Celeste Bimba - jun. class v.g.
Benfatto Bambina Dolce - champion class 1 excel.,CQ, Best female 1, BOO!

Congratulations for owners, you have great dog! I'm so proud for her!

Day was so hot! After ring we decided to swim with dogs in the lake. They were very happy in the water. And I too...


We make few photos after show.

Photo: Bambina and her owner Santa.

Photo: Bimba 9 month old.


National Show in Belarus. Judge: Janna Bondar, Belarus.

Benfatto Bambina Dolce - champion class excel., Best female, CAC, BOB, BIG1! 

Now Bambina is a Belarus Champion! Congratulation to the owners!


Happy Birthday! P-litter turn to 9 years old! Heartiest congratulations for the owners!

Puppies with his mother, Nicol


International Dog Show "Estonian Winner 2010" in Tallinn. Judge: Massimiliano Mannucci, Italy. 

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto - champion class excel., Best female 2, RCACIB
Benfatto Bambina Dolce - champion class excel., Best female 1, CACIB, BOO, Estonian Winner 2010! 

She done it again. Great results! Bambina and Torry I'm so proud of you. Bambina had got the last CACIB sertificate and she becoming the International Beauty Champion! Congratulate her owners.


New photos of our Caro (Benfatto Caro Mio) in 7 moths.


 It's one the Bimba's new photo (BenfattoCeleste Bimba). Thanks Barbara and we hope to see Bimba soon in the Dog show.


National dogs show in Alytaus, Lithuania. Judge: Ž. Povilaitiene, Lithuania. 

Benfatto Cielo Stellato - Best puppy. 

Stella was in it first show. Where it was showing in puppy class and it got mark - very promotional! Thanks for it owners - Aušra and Edgaras for this amazing debut! I wish you got a lot of titles in next dogs shows.


Now Saulites Nikol are 13 years old! You are our beloved! I has love you all my heart. You open for me wonderful Dalmatian breed. Thank you for all!


New photos of our Caramelle (Benfatto Caramelle Accenno) from Germany. Thanks Ilona-Inga.


We had so nice photos from Finland. 

That is our Viia (Benfatto Colore Vivo). Viia looks like so cheerful and happy. Veera thanks for this wonderful images! I'm very glad that Viia has live in your family!


International Dog Show "LATVIAN WINNER 2010" in Riga. Judge: Kardos Vilmos, Hungary.

Vittoria La Grande Benfatto - champion class 1 excel., Best female 1, CQ, CACIB, BOB, LATVIAN WINNER 2010! 

Well done! We so proud!


Happy birthday! 20th of March, B-litter are 3 years old! 

In this litter has birthBenfatto Bambina Dolce - JLV CH, LV, LT, EST, BALT CH, LVW '09, ESTW '09, mother 

We are congratulate Bambi and hers owners. We wish a lot of winners in the shows for Bambi.

10 january

Nine puppies from our C-litter are living in their new houses. We are present some puppies pictures in their new families.

Viia in Finland with her adult friend - Kira resting together!  Photo by Veera Oksanen

Sweet Dreams for Corrado...   Photo by Evita Bluķe

Viki is waiting for a gifts at the Christmas tree. Photo by Tatyana Zotova

Thank You for these nice photos! We wish You all the best for the future!